The perfect B&B in Florence

A stay at AM Collection Florence is the perfect refuge away from this bustling city. Crowned the best bed we came across in Italy, AM Collection Florence is not to be missed!

Before heading to Florence we struggled to find a unique place to stay in our price range. We try to only stay in locally owned establishments and tend to steer towards AirBnB as a result. We wanted to try something different so set out on a hunt to find a locally owned B&B in the […]

Life as an expat

Being an expat in Ireland is a blast. With easy access to the rest of Europe via RyanAir and AerLingus you don't have much to lose!

Our life has been a whirlwind as of late! The hubs turned 30 last year and I’m itching my way up there so we’ve been talking a lot about the future and where we want to settle “long-term” (in other words longer than 2 years) so I’ve been super caught up in my thoughts. In […]