The perfect B&B in Florence

Before heading to Florence we struggled to find a unique place to stay in our price range. We try to only stay in locally owned establishments and tend to steer towards AirBnB as a result. We wanted to try something different so set out on a hunt to find a locally owned B&B in the …

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Siena Walking Tours: A Must-Do in Tuscany

Walking tours are such an interesting conundrum. Either you hate them or you love them. I know some people who live by them. It’s the first thing they do when they visit a new city. We had a really bad experience in Munich on a free walking tour where an American expat led us (and …

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The best spot to sleep in Pisa, Italy

Headed to Italy soon? If you’re flying within Europe and want to visit Tuscany the cheapest airport is likely to be Pisa. Now, we all know Pisa for the leaning tower. And, while I’m sure it’s a cool spot, we fell in love with Pisa for a different reason. It was our last day of …

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