Why GPSMyCity is the perfect travel app

We’ve all been there. We travel somewhere and lose access to the internet when we “desperately” need it. On our Scotland trip, my best friend and I ventured out to the Isle of Skye one early morning to do some hiking and exploring. Because I work at a tech company I was able to use 3G without any qualms overseas. What I didn’t expect is that there would literally be no 3G available in this area and therefore the blog posts I had saved with the hiking details were inaccessible. For two hours I frantically tried to connect since I didn’t even have the address of our hostel we were staying at on the Isle. I finally was able to connect to my husband back in Ireland and he had to search for the blog posts I was referencing and send me screenshots. We then had to hope we would find the locations on a regular old paper map since we couldn’t connect to Google Maps and the little blue dot didn’t even work because the maps wouldn’t load.

Now, what if I told you the above stress was actually self-induced as there are amazing travel articles available for download via GPSMyCity that would have allowed us to a) download a travel article with an accompanying map and b) reduced our stress-level by 10-fold? The idea behind GPSMyCity is genius.

  1. Download the app (for free)!
  2. Browse through over 600 worldwide cities with travel articles
  3. Decide which guides you want to download to your phone and access when you don’t have internet.
  4. Pay approximately $2.00 and now you have a GPS-guided article to help you navigate your new city.
  5. Ta-da – Now you have your own personal tour guide for only two dollars!

Now for the fun part – GIVEAWAY TIME!

To demonstrate how great this concept is I am offering a free download of my 24 hours in Edinburgh guide until Sunday, September 11. 

You can access this GPS-guided travel guide by clicking here and choosing to UPGRADE to get the GPS-guided version of Edinburgh. Then once you see how awesome the concept of GPSMyCity is feel free to browse by city and start exploring your next destination.

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