My first glamping experience and why it won’t be my last

Glamping – Living the outdoor life and becoming “one with nature” without being eaten by bugs, shivering all night, waking up damp and tired, or nearly being pooped on by a giant moose (see story below).

As a kid, I loved camping. Every summer we would end up camping, but the majority of the time we were in an RV. Little did I know that camping in a tent was a very different experience to my lush life in RVs as a kid. A few years ago I took the hubby camping in a real tent in the Redwood forest and it was terrifying. In the middle of the night (after being told about all of the bears and the dangers of camping) we saw a large shadow outside of our tent. Combined with the crunching of leaves and heavy breathing we were sure we were goners. Laying there with a moose (YES a moose!) looming over our tent and then the unmistakable smell of dung (he pooped on our picnic table!!) I swore I would never go camping again. I’ve shaped up a bit since then (we have a camping trip planned in a real tent in Ireland as soon as the weather decides to be normal), but decided to test the waters again with a glamping adventure in Scotland in May. With breathtaking views, that fresh air smell you can’t get anywhere else, and the sound of the sheep and babbling river in the surrounding field this glamping experience at Loch Ness Glamping is an experience to remember. 

The joys of Glamping

The Loch Ness Glamping site is located fairly close to Loch Ness and Urquhart Castle (one of the top 4 castles to visit in Scotland!). Now, while the actual lake – Loch Ness – was a huge let down for me as there was nowhere to walk and enjoy the view of this legendary lake, stopping to rest on our way from Edinburgh to the Isle of Skye in this picturesque glamping spot was one of the best decisions we made during our stay in Scotland.

After checking in we were directed to our adorable little pod and took a quick breather after our crazy road trip from Edinburgh. Word to the wise – if you are driving from Edinburgh leave yourself plenty of extra time. Because the glamping site is ran by a husband and wife they have strict check-in/out times and we cut our arrival way too close for comfort after getting lost somewhere in the Scottish Highlands.

After resting for a bit we headed down to the field across the street (also owned by the glamping site) to watch all of the baby sheep playing. Before moving to Ireland I had never seen a sheep. Seeing these adorable little sheep running and playing was a highlight of our trip. I highly recommend visiting in late spring to see these adorable babies.

Now, while the babies were adorable, the parents were a bit.. umm.. odd. Anytime we got close to the fence they would stick their heads through and get quite frankly a bit too close for comfort. Thankfully there is a fence between us so you are safe to watch, but at a distance.

After watching the sheep for a while we headed to the back of the field to sit in a 2-person gazebo and watch the sun set over the beautiful creek that backs up to the glamping site. The bluebells were blooming, the sheep were baaing, the air was crisp and cool, and the sky was transforming into a brilliant orange as we sat and pondered life. It was an amazing experience sitting there if only for a few minutes (it is COLD in Scotland).

Now back to the pod – The pod we stayed in was a perfect size for two people. Equipped with a nice size bed, a sink, and a TINY shower you had all of the basics for a good night sleep. Additionally, with climate control the night in this pod was extremely cozy. I fell asleep looking out of the massive window at the orange of the sky falling over the trees surrounding our pods and the dying smell of a campfire at the pod next door. Pure serenity. The next morning we ate breakfast in bed (for an extra £8) and then headed out to the beautiful Isle of Skye.

Final Verdict

While the surrounding area is beautiful, I wouldn’t suggest this unless it’s a stop along the way to somewhere else. Loch Ness in itself is a let-down, however, if you are stopping here on your way to the Isle of Skye and/or to see Urquhart Castle I would highly recommend a stay at Loch Ness Glamping. Glampingwill give you the experience of getting back to nature without the horror of actually camping. Now I’m on a mission to find as many cool glamping sites as I can on our upcoming adventures. I wonder where glamping will take us next?

– Boots not Roots

Some of the pictures in this post were taken by the lovely Colby Lowrey.