The best spot to sleep in Pisa, Italy

Headed to Italy soon? If you’re flying within Europe and want to visit Tuscany the cheapest airport is likely to be Pisa. Now, we all know Pisa for the leaning tower. And, while I’m sure it’s a cool spot, we fell in love with Pisa for a different reason. It was our last day of our week-long Italy vacation and we were ready to just chill. We found a bed and breakfast within walking distance of the airport AND the train station and decided that the location couldn’t be beaten and just hoped that the bed would be comfy. Boy, were we surprised! Casa Marconi was a breath of fresh air after a whirlwind trip through Italy. Read on to learn more on why this is the perfect pit stop if you happen to be flying in and out of Pisa!

The Garden

Anyone that has been reading the blog for a while knows I’m a sucker for green spaces. When we arrived at Casa Marconi after a long (and slightly drunken) day in Florence we were ready to find dinner and go straight to bed. But, when Rok (one of the owners of the B&B) took us onto the back patio out to the garden I knew our original plans were destroyed.

We had about an hour left of the sun and quickly headed back up to the room to grab our books and settle in. Soaking up the smell of wisteria and the last bit of Italian sun was one of the best decisions we made. As I sat and read the last pages of my book as the garden lit up a bright orange I felt so utterly satisfied. One of the best moments on our trip by far. 

The food

After enjoying the sunset, we asked Rok where the best place to eat was within a short walk of the B&B. He directed us to a pizza joint down the street where I had the BEST pizza of our entire vacation. The burrata pizza at Pizzeria La Paradisea was my version of heaven. Melty cheese, basil, and that tiny bit of tomato sauce typical on Italian pizzas completed my entire vacation. Now, this is where you’re allowed to say “You’re the worst blogger ever” because no, I did not take a picture of my pizza. I was so amazed by how good it tasted I completely forgot that I was a blogger for about 10 minutes (the amount of time it took me to finish the whole pizza). So, here’s a picture of an Italian pizza from Instagram. 🙂 

#Saporeinlombardia: una #pizza veramente “DOCG” non è solo a #Napoli ma anche #inlombardia! Non ci credete? Provate ad assaggiarne una da @pizzeriaalfienile. Resterete semplicemente stupiti! Tra l’altro da provare anche quelle con i prodotti @visitlakeiseo e @Franciacorta… e qui mi fermo, ma son curioso di sapere la vostra opinione. • #inlombardia365 #visitlakeiseo #franciacorta #weekandfood #foodweek #foodexperience #TUTTOFOOD2017 #foodexpert #food #foodporn #inlombardia365 #pizzalover #italianpizza

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Our flight the next morning was at a time that nobody should be awake (5 a.m.) so we weren’t expecting much for breakfast. As we headed downstairs with our luggage we have greeted with a HUGE spread of food and the sweetest note from Rok and Carlotta. We grabbed a cuppa, some fruit, and some yogurt for the road. Even though it was a horrible hour in the morning we felt very refreshed. 

The art

Scattered throughout the B&B there are fascinating clay creations by a local artist – Emanuela Pippi. The most intriguing part of these sculptures is the story behind Emanuela. Her vision for life involves imperfection, strength, and truth and each of these attributes are showcased in her unique art pieces. We were fascinated with the various sculptures we stumbled across while walking around the B&B and felt like they added a truly unique flair to this homey accommodation. 

The room

Since this was our last night on our Italy vacation we were absolutely exhausted so I’m pretty sure any bed would have suited us just fine. Despite this, we did find that the bed at Casa Marconi was quite comfy. It’s a pretty large bed so we didn’t have to touch each other (I’m German, so don’t love to be touched) and we slept very well. Plus, the room is HUGE with a chair, a couch, a nice dresser, and plenty of room to roam around. 

So, what’s the verdict?

We really loved our stay. Within walking distance to the airport and the best pizza I had in Italy, we couldn’t have asked for a better end to our trip. The only downside to Casa Marconi is if you are a germaphobe like myself it should be noted that the bathroom is detached and is technically shared with the rest of the house. This ended up being less of a problem than I originally thought since the entire B&B is only a few rooms and there are two bathrooms. The bathrooms are also VERY nice and this might have been the best shower we had in all of Italy. We learned a valuable lesson on this trip — shared bathrooms aren’t always bad! 

If you happen to be in Pisa for a pit stop be sure to check out Casa Marconi! A pleasant B&B with a lot of charm, a beautiful garden, and a budget to suit most savvy travelers. 

Happy Trekking! 

– Boots not Roots

We were given a discount to stay at Casa Marconi in exchange for our honest review. As always our review and subsequent gushing are all our own. We would never suggest somewhere that we wouldn’t also suggest to our closest friends and family. 

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