20 Perfect Gifts for Every Traveler in your Life (for every budget!)

Shopping for someone with itchy feet can be challenging (I know I have to shop for one every year..). But, this fearless guide will equip you with the perfect list of gifts for all of the travelers in your life — photographersfrequent flyershome decor geeks, and even those friends who drag you through foreign cities with sore feet after hours of walking (I like to call these people “Walk-A-Holics“). Enjoy and be sure to comment your favorite gift for the traveler in your life! 

For the Photographer in your life

Shopping for the traveler in your life can be tough! Read on to learn the perfect gifts every traveler is itching to get their hands on!
Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

Budget ($30 and under)

 Cute camera strap – Every photographer needs a cute camera strap for their prized treasure. Plus, you get to support an awesome family business with this purchase. Win, win if you ask me!

Memory card – Call me crazy, but you can never have too many memory cards. Surefire way to ruin a good trip for a photographer — a full memory card with no backups. 

Mid-Range ($100 and Under)

Ultimate camera bag – Every true photography lover traveler needs the ultimate backpack and Evecase bags have some of the highest reviews of all camera bags on Amazon. I have a friend who has one and loves it and I have one on my list for Christmas. Who knows, maybe I’ll get one! 

Portable tripod – The GorillaPod is my best friend when traveling and hiking. Lightweight, portable, and able to stand up pretty much everywhere (even wrapped around a tree), the GorillaPod is the perfect tripod for all travelers. 

Top of the Budget ($100 and up)

Handheld tripod for videos – Do you have an aspiring videographer in your life? Then the FlowMotion is the perfect gift! We love supporting smaller companies so when we first heard about FlowMotion we knew we had to get our hands on this nifty little apparatus that turns your phone into a video camera. Will be updating the blog soon with our experiences playing around with this gadget!

For the Frequent Flyer in your life

Shopping for the traveler in your life can be tough! Read on to learn the perfect gifts every traveler is itching to get their hands on!
Photo by Mike Wilson on Unsplash

Budget ($30 and under)

Eye Mask – Every frequent flyer needs some shut-eye and this sassy eye mask is the perfect addition to any traveler’s frequent flyer bag. 

Personalized bag tag – You don’t want to be the horrible person who accidentally grabs someone else’s bag after a long international flight (been there, done that). Help your loved ones avoid this catastrophe by gifting them a beautiful personalized bag tag!

Mid-Range ($100 and under)

The perfect plane pillow – We’ve all been there — No sleep at the beginning of a vacation after a long flight. With this amazing infinity pillow your loved ones will never have another problem sleeping on a plane. The gift of sleep! 

Cozy slippers – On long flights I hate keeping my feet in tight shoes. But… the ground is disgusting, so I can’t go barefoot. Entire my all-time favorite slipper! Acorn slippers are the best (I have many pairs) and they even have a packable slipper. 

Top of the Budget ($100 and up)

Smart carry-on bag – A carry-on bag with a scale, a charger, no zippers, and a tracking device?? Send your favorite tech-savvy traveler off in style with one of these smarter-than-you bags. 

For the Home Decor Lovers in your life

Shopping for the traveler in your life can be tough! Read on to learn the perfect gifts every traveler is itching to get their hands on!
Photo by Orlova Maria on Unsplash

Budget ($30 and under)

Map Art – Earlier this year I received my very favorite piece of art — a map of Dublin. Every day when I walk into our new apartment in Seattle I am reminded of the home we had in Ireland and it gives me all the warm and fuzzies. Modern Map Art makes the perfect map art printed on high quality paper and it makes for the perfect gift for that map lover in your life. See below for my Instagram photo featuring my beautiful art. 

Framed Postcards from their favorite city – My friend has a wall of vintage Seattle postcards framed in cheap Ikea frames that I LOVE. It is such a unique and cute idea on a budget. 

Mid-Range ($100 and under)

Desk Globe – You can’t go wrong with a beautiful globe for the desk. Snag this vintage globe at a great price to fuel that travel lover’s wanderlust on a daily basis. 

Compass Wall clock – I’m a sucker for a nice wall clock and this compass wall clock is perfect for a traveler’s wall. 

Top of the Budget ($100 and up)

Vintage Suitcase Nightstand – I am a sucker for cool pieces of furniture and I’ve had my eye on this nightstand for a long time. I imagine most frequent travelers have a vintage suitcase furniture piece on their wishlist. 

See why I’m in love with my Modern Map Art? By far my favorite piece of decor in my entire apartment! 

Shopping for the traveler in your life can be tough! Read on to learn the perfect gifts every traveler is itching to get their hands on!

For the “Walk-A-Holics” in your life

Budget ($30 and under)

Walking socks – This might sound crazy, but the wrong socks can welcome the worst blisters. With these socks, I’ve never been graced with the unwelcome sight of blisters! Tis’ the season for blister-less feet. 

Mid-Range ($100 and under)

The best walking shoes ever – Allbirds are my new favorite shoe. They are washable, comfortable, and cute! I’ve clocked a number of miles in these shoes and absolutely adore them. By far the best gift I have received in a long time. 

Comfortable carrying all day long – Ivar backpacks have a fancy patent to show that they have the best weight distribution technology of all backpacks. The walk-a-holic in your life will appreciate the back saving after a full day of hauling around their gear. 

Top of the budget ($100 and up)

The perfect ballet flat – Yes, these flats are insanely expensive, but… I can promise you that the female walker in your life will LOVE these shoes. I haven’t splurged on these yet personally, but I tried a pair of my friend and the moment I put them on I felt like I was walking on air. If you can afford them, they are 100% worth the investment.

A cute fitness tracker – As a walker, my favorite thing to do after a long day trekking around is to figure out how much I walked. Unfortunately, most fitness trackers aren’t cute and I am immediately unmotivated to wear an ugly black wrist-band. But, with Ringly beautiful jewelry also serves as a fitness tracker! This gorgeous tracker is at the top of my wish list! 

So there you have it!  A full shopping list for all types of travelers in your life. Enjoy browsing these fun options and… Happy Holidays!! 

– Boots not Roots

Thank you to Modern Map Art for sending me a free print in exchange for an honest review. As always, the opinions expressed in this blog are my own.