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Are you looking to connect with wanderers interested in discovering the “local-scene” while traveling?

Well, you’ve come to the right place!

About Boots not Roots

My name is Danielle, a part-time travel blogger, full time techie based out of Dublin, Ireland. As an American expat in Ireland my husband and I have made it our personal mission to travel as much as Europe as possible. What a better way to do this then by walking? Hence, the name Boots not Roots. We seek out adventures through our own feet from hiking the edge of Europe in Portugal to walking tours through new cities to leisurely strolls along the beach. We have a unique love for locally-owned gems such as glamping spots or the 150-year-old bakery using the same recipe that they started with. The goal of Boots not Roots is to inspire wanderers, trekkers, and travelers alike to walk the world around them and truly experience everything this amazing planet has to offer. 

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What does Boots not Roots have to offer?

If you are a company or brand interested in collaborating, here is what Boots not Roots has to offer: 

  • Tremendous growth over the past two months (87% growth in blog visitors month over month). 
  • A fun-loving couple willing to try new things *note: I have a real fear of dying, so if you sponsor me on a life-threatening trip I might have to bail.*
  • High quality skills in writing and photography (and an amateur videographer). 
  • Responsive and willing to work with you in a number of different ways
  • A sweet spot for glamping, hiking, and the outdoors. Right now the Azores and the Austrian alps are high up on the bucket list. 

As a part-time blogger and full-time adventurer I am confident I can provide a unique perspective and can help you reach your desired audience. 

Collaboration Opportunities

If you feel your brand would be a good fit for Boots not Roots, here are some potential opportunities to collaborate with me!

  • Sponsored posts 
  • Hotel reviews
  • Product reviews
  • Social media takeovers or Twitter chats

You made it this far so we must be a match made in heaven, right?

Email Boots not Roots at danielle[AT]bootsnotroots[DOT]com and we’ll get started on our work together!