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Week 4 and 5 – 2017 Dogwood Photography Challenge: Mirrors and 10 Shots

One of my new year’s resolutions this year is to work on improving my photography to “tell a story.” I’ve done a pretty good job of capturing moments, but in my opinion the pictures I have mastered are more “look, and move on” type photos. To teach myself the technical, artistic, and story-telling pieces of photography I have decided to join in on the Dogwood 52-week photography challenge. Every Sunday I’ll post a photo (or photos) that I took that week and that meet the challenge requirements, explain how I felt about that particular week, and any tips/tricks to help anyone else interested in learning more about the technique for that week. 

Week 4 – Mirrors

I didn’t think this one would be as hard as it was, but I really struggled! The goal was to take a picture using a mirror. I didn’t want to take a selfie and in my mind thought it would be easy to do something with a bus mirror or a reflection in the water etc., but I couldn’t seem to get a single shot all week. So, I decided on our first day in Budapest (which was the last day of this week) I would make it my mission to find the perfect shot. And while I still don’t love it, I think it’s at least a 5/10. 

Week 4 of the Dogwood photography challenge - Mirrors

This is a building that is adjacent to the Fisherman’s Bastion and the sun shining on it gave the perfect reflection. I’m glad I found the mirror shot in Budapest, otherwise I might have had to settle for a selfie which no one needs in their life, trust me. 😉 

Week 5 – 10 shots

Week 5 of the Dogwood photography challenge - Ten Shots

Last week we were in Budapest, so this part of the challenge wasn’t all that difficult for me. The goal was to take 10 shots of the same subject from different angles, focal points, etc. I was slightly obsessed with the roofing tiles on Matthias Church so decided to make this my “subject.” While I probably didn’t do exactly what the challenge was asking I had a lot of fun taking different shots of these beautiful tiles.

Week 5 of the Dogwood photography challenge - Ten Shots

Week 5 of the Dogwood photography challenge - Ten Shots

Week 5 of the Dogwood photography challenge - Ten Shots

I think my favorite shots are those from above the church. I love how the tiles contrast perfectly with the snowy and hazy hills of Buda and the Danube. 

This week’s challenge difficulty: Week 4: 9/10; Week 5: 5/10

Next week’s challenge:  Use candy as an inspiration without actually using candy in the shot. I’ll be honest, I have no idea what to do for this one. 

If you have any feedback (or want to join in!) let me know! I’d love to feature other aspiring travel photographers in this series. 

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